About Us

When Mitch Allan first emerged in 2000 with his band SR-71, he was a little known singer/songwriter with a handful of pop rock songs. Powered by a number 2 modern rock single, a number 4 video on MTV and endless touring, SR-71's debut cd, Now You See Inside, was certified gold in the U.S. within 5 months of it’s release and would go on to sell more than 750,000 copies worldwide. The single “Right Now”, written by Allan, would go on to appear in over a dozen films including “American Pie”, “Loser”, and “Dude Where’s My Car?” In May of 2001 the band had become so big on the US touring circuit that they were handpicked by Superstar Act, Bon Jovi, to be the opener on their "One Wild Night" Arena Tour of North America. 

The following year, SR-71’s second cd Tomorrow, written and co-produced by Allan, was released producing another top 15 single and pushing their total world wide sales to over 1,000,000. 

The followup to Tomorrow was Here we Go Again and released in Japan May of 2004. Because of contractual agreements, it was never released outside of Japan until November of 2010.